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The average cost to paint specific parts of a house based on a 1,500 sq ft house:

  • Walls only (sq ft): $2.5 to $3 + HST
  • Ceilings for a 1,500 sq ft home: $1,000 to $1,900 + HST
  • Baseboards, Trims, and Doors for a 1,500 sq ft home: $800 to $1,600 + HST
  • Doors  (per unit): $80-$130 + HST
  • French doors  (per unit): $300 + HST
  • Closets (per unit): $60 to $120 + HST
  • Large closet or walk-in closet (per unit): $130 + HST



  • Studio, 1 Bed + 1 Bath condominiums, etc (walls, trims, and doors but no ceilings) :

$1,350 to $2,500 + HST / Approximate completion time: 1 to 3 days

  • Large condo (walls, trims, and doors but no ceilings):

$2,250 to $5,000+ + HST / Approximate completion time: 4  to 6 days

Average costs to paint specific parts of condo:

• Walls only (sq ft): $2.25 to $3 + HST

• Stucco Ceilings for a 600 sq ft Condo (Popcorn Ceiling): $900 to $1, 300 + HST

• Flat Ceilings for a 600 sq ft Condo: $800 to $1,000 + HST

• Baseboards, Trims, and doors for a 600 sq ft Condo: $200 to  $800 + HST

• Closets (per unit): $60 to $130 + HST

• Doors  (per unit): $80-$130 + HST

• French doors  (per unit): $300 + HST

• Small room closet (per unit): $80 + HST

• Large room closet or walk-in closet (per unit): $130 + HST



Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Refacing, Remodeling, or New Kitchen

Find out what makes [Line Interior Inc] so different.

At the workshop or your home, our work is done through our proven again and again organized processes that are safe and deliver top-class results. When spray-painting onsite, we enclose the kitchen room, set up an air extractor, and eliminate the paint smell.

Trust [Line Interior Inc] with your home and your cabinets.

  • Your cabinet doors get professionally prepped and sprayed at our workshop.

  • In the shop, we lay your doors flat to work on them. We don’t drill holes in your cabinets in order to paint them.

  • Pear finish, or Semi-gloss finish / Please choose the color

  • We use the same product & application method on-site as in the workshop. This ensures the doors/drawers & the stationary cabinetry that’s not removed from your home get the same color, look & feel of the finish.

  • We follow the proven checklist process to perform the best service.



  1. Kitchen Cabinet Painting ( New door handles etc )

  2. Refacing ( New Doors, New Handles, New Softclosing Hinges etc )

  3. Remodel, New Kitchen



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We use a special turbine HVLP, Graco Airless sprayer.


1. Prepare for painting including covering the floor with construction paper then drop cloths and masking walls with paper and plastic.

2. Label all your drawers/doors where hardware will later cover.

3. Clean with a de-greaser/de-glosser.

4. Sand surfaces with 80-220 grit paper and clean dust with a vacuum and clothes.

5. Apply the primer coat. We used a special primer for these cabinets.

6. Sand with 150-220 grit and clean to remove contaminants.

7. Apply first top coat and sand with 220-600 grit.

8. Apply the 2nd ~ 3rd topcoat.

Kitchen Counter Top Change – Quartz 

Backsplash and Tiles – Quartz, Tile, or Glass

Drywall Installation & Repair … Wall and Ceiling

Taping and Plastering

We are able to patch any amount and any configuration of drywall holes and damages on any project scale.

Popcorn ceiling removal

We are specialized in popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling painting.

  1. We can make this process clean and sanitized.
  2. High-quality and great result.
  3. We use special dust-free tools and HEPA filter dust extractor (Festool, Mirka, etc)
  4. We use special materials and Zero VOC paint. (We do not use cheap ones)
  5. Warranty
  6. We recommend removing popcorn from your home because it’s a great investment for your house or condo and also for your health. Without a popcorn ceiling, your house or condo will be much brighter and look higher and cleaner.

* Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Ceiling Painting costs start at $6 – $10 per sq and the minimum cost per project of $1,700 plus Tax

* Includes all materials and paints – No hidden fee

* Water damage repair and high-quality house painting service

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