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Home Plus Painting ( By Line Interior Inc.), we offer top quality services to Toronto & GTA clients at reasonable prices.

Business Insured ( MAX $5,000,000 )

Our courteous Painting and Interior Service staff have professional paints, tools, and experience necessary to help with all your needs

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Get this service done quickly and efficiently by the experts here at Home Plus Painting. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry-free when it comes to the service we provide. Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals brings their experience and know-how with them on every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.


Professional Service

Are you interested in working with a professional Painting & Interior Service? We supply all the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job our clients have for us, no matter how big or small it may be.
We’re committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner.

Kitchen Cabinet Making, Remodeling, and Refinishing

New Cabinets (paint or stain grade)

Existing Painted Cabinets – Changing the color

Hardwood Cabinets to a Quality Painted Finish

Apply a Distressed Look, Crackle, Old World or other Unique Glazing to your Cabinets

Removal of Hardware and Reinstall

Sprayed Option or Hand-Brushed Options

Solid Colors or Light Antique Finishes Staining & Lacquering of Existing Wood Cabinets

Stripping Old Finish and Restaining

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Stripping & Refinishing or Glazing

Entertainment Systems (paint, stain or faux finishes)

Custom Stains & Distress Finishes


We use a special turbine HVLP, Graco Airless sprayer.


One of type – STEPS ( Example )

1. Prepare for painting including covering the floor with construction paper then drop cloths and masking walls with paper and plastic.

2. Label all your drawers/doors where hardware will later cover.

3. Clean with a de-greaser/de-glosser.

4. Sand surfaces with 80-220 grit paper and clean dust with a vacuum and clothe.

5. Apply the primer coat. We used a special primer for these cabinets.

6. Sand with 150-220 grit and clean to remove contaminants.

7. Apply first top coat and sand with 220-500 grit.

8. Apply the 2nd ~ 5th and final topcoat.

Kitchen Counter Top Change

Backsplash and Tiles

Drywall Installation & Repair … Wall and Ceiling

Taping and Plastering

We are able to patch any amount and any configuration of drywall holes and damages on any project scale.


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647-779-7009 Call / Text

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647-779-7009 Call & Text



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